Coffee Break Coaching

Coffee Break Coaching offers just that, we offer climbing coaching videos that are never more than 8 minutes long. These videos are quick, punchy and offer the simplest advice to help you up specific climbs and improve your overall level.

We use audio and visual coaching to explain how and what you need to do. And best of all it can all be completed over your coffee break.

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Develop your climbing like yoga

Climbing like yoga and dance can improve your life in so many ways, from self-awareness, increase self belief or reflection, sustained flexibility. By developing a focus on the movement of climbing you will develop these personal traits at a sustainable level that will last you a lifetime.

Style over strength

Learning to climb and move well any wall, rock and in any situation will garauntee a quick and then steady improvement throughout your life. Strength will always come and go, you can never loose the positive habits that have been developed through continual practice.

Steve Winslow Climbing A38

Climbing, when practiced well, has innate ability to improve your flexibility, increase self-reflection, inspire personal growth and increase self-awareness. - Steve Winslow

Knowledgeable, patient and confident. He was very much in control and we felt completely safe at all times. He’s great at reading your ability and tailoring the coaching to suit. And then pushing it a bit.
— James Elliot
Really great climbing coach, whatever level you’re climbing at Steve can help. Really fun and always feel like you’re making progress, my go-to coach in Bristol. Thanks Steve
— Jason Mulvaney

Or… You would rather some coaching in person

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